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Daniel Sweigert has recorded the following climbs

Peak Name Climb Date Notes
Mt. Humphreys2011-10-30Solo!
Bear Creek Spire2011-09-12Awesome! Bagged it between storms. My son Patrick stayed below the final chimney.
Mt. Ritter2011-08-07Solo. Easy, kinda
Mt. Dade2011-07-24Long interesting story about this climb, thought I was going to have to be rescued off far north col, found wooden ice axe and got arrested in Mono County on way home that night!
Red Slate Mountain2011-07-17Solo
Kuna Peak2011-07-03
Mt. Dana2010-09-063 miles, 3,000 feet, 3 hours and the summit to myself for 20 minutes on labor day.
Mt. Whitney1998-09-19Met a friend on the way down who was ending the JMT with a night on Whitney. Also bagged Mt Muir on the way down while my brother waited.
Mt. Shasta1997-08-15Watched helicopter rescue of injured climber from our camp at Helen Lake while lenticulars formed over summit. Storm that night covered our tents with thin layer of ice and my leader gave up on ascent until I woke him up at5:30 AM annd said, let's go.
Mt. Lyell1994-07-15