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Officially fails because summit elevation is less than 13,000'

The interactive map below is initially centered on the target summit (UTM665468), but may be scrolled around by simply grabbing hold of the map image with the mouse and dragging. The controls at the top may also be used to pan around, adjust magnification, and select different map types. Clicking a peak marker displays a window containing information about the summit. Even more information about UTM665468 appears in the Peak Details section just below the map.

UTM665468 map too small for you? Go big or go home.


Red Marker Summit of UTM665468 - click here to re-center map on this peak
Blue MarkerHighest saddle connecting UTM665468 with a higher summit
Green Marker An official VRMC California Thirteener summit
Grey Marker A summit that narrowly fails the official VRMC California Thirteener passing criteria

UTM665468 Details

Official summit elevation3954m (12,972')
Summit elevation source mapMOUNT KAWEAH, CA USGS 7.5' Quadrangle (spot elevation)
DEM summit3950m
Map summit3954m
DEM saddle3856m
Map saddle3840m+
Official saddle depth322'
Saddle elevation source mapMOUNT KAWEAH, CA USGS 7.5' Quadrangle (20 meter contour)
Official saddle elevation sourceMOUNT KAWEAH, CA USGS 10 meter DEM
Difficulty (via easiest route)(unknown)
Secor (3rd ed.) guidebook page(no references)
Secor (2nd ed.) guidebook page(no references)
Roper guidebook page(no references)
SummitPost.org page(Please send page reference if you have one.)
Climber.Org trip reportsutm
SPS list classification(none)
Summit UTM easting (NAD27)366510
Summit UTM northing (NAD27)4046770
Summit longitude (WGS84)-118.4926
Summit latitude (WGS84)36.5588
Saddle UTM easting (NAD27)366180
Saddle UTM northing (NAD27)4046700
Saddle longitude (WGS84)-118.4962
Saddle latitude (WGS84)36.5581