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Officially fails because saddle depth is less than 300'


Unfortunately, Google Maps decided to discontinue support for v2 of their API, which has resulted in the peak markers disappearing from my topographic maps. I'm working on a solution now and hope to have this fixed within a few weeks.

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Official summit elevation4151m (13,619')
Summit elevation source mapMOUNT LANGLEY, CA USGS 7.5' Quadrangle (spot elevation)
DEM summit4145m
Map summit4151m
DEM saddle4073m
Map saddle4060m+
Official saddle depth256'
Saddle elevation source mapMOUNT LANGLEY, CA USGS 7.5' Quadrangle (20 meter contour)
Official saddle elevation sourceMOUNT LANGLEY, CA USGS 10 meter DEM
Difficulty (via easiest route)Class 2
Secor (3rd ed.) guidebook page47 (mentioned in description of another peak)
Secor (2nd ed.) guidebook page46 (mentioned in description of another peak)
Roper guidebook page(no references)
SummitPost.org page(Please send page reference if you have one.)
Climber.Org trip reportsutm
SPS list classification(none)
Summit UTM easting (NAD27)388360
Summit UTM northing (NAD27)4043600
Summit longitude (WGS84)-118.2480
Summit latitude (WGS84)36.5330
Saddle UTM easting (NAD27)388290
Saddle UTM northing (NAD27)4043740
Saddle longitude (WGS84)-118.2488
Saddle latitude (WGS84)36.5343